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Meeting Minutes from Monday, September 16, 2013


Jo Brill, Natalie Sutton, Paul Morley, David Cooke, Annie Hunt, Amanda Fermar, Steph Monk, April Burchmore, Alison McDonald, Melissa Ellement, Sharon Hulley, Emma Maxwell, Jemma Welch, Mrs Mullan

Music Investment ‐ Mrs Whitehouse gave presentation

  • Ravenscote is the only state school in area with a full time music specialist
  • New music room in one of the new huts. But it is lacking in up to date sound equipment in the music room. Current equipment dates to 2005 and can only play cds/tapes, only has three jacks and 2 speakers. It is very crackly and not used.
  • Needs for new music room are:
    • CD Player
    • Amplifier
    • Speakers
    • IPod/Memory Stick Connections
    • Minimum 6 Channel Mixer
    • 4 Quality Wired Microphones(better quality than wireless)
  • This would enrich learning because:
    • Better listening with quality equipment
    • Pupils can use own ipods/Memory Sticks
    • Quality microphones for solo singing in classrooms
    • Do not want to have to share microphones
    • Can be used for concerts and assemblies too.
  • Three Quotes were obtained: (full details of quotes available)
    • Ascrobra in Watford: £2730. This company not been to the school yet, but is offering a support package too.
    • Wizard Lighting in Woking: £2665. Company used for Hairspray production last year, and they have been to the school. This quote includes 7 microphones.
    • Chamberlain Music ‐ Surrey’s largest music store: £1500. This is a portable system, and would still need to purchase CD Player/Microphones/Cables and leads.
  • Mrs Whitehouse would ideally prefer a fixed system (one of the first two quotes) for the hut and then a portable system- Stagepas for £600, which can be used for concerts and days out.
  • Natalie Sutton suggested that the Hall sound equipment needed sorting out too. The speakers are in the wrong place too. The Tomlinscote sound engineer is going to come over on the 17/09/2013 to discuss the hall equipment with Ms Whitehouse. Ms Whitehouse also pointed out that it was cheaper to hire sound equipment for the big productions in the Hall rather than have it sit unused in the Hall the rest of the time.
  • Jo Brill said to hold off on the portable system until Hall was sorted out.
  • After Majority vote, it was agreed that Ms Whitehouse could have £2700 for music, but to liaise with Natalie Sutton, whose husband has possible some trade contacts.


  • 9th November
  • Organised by Emma Maxwell.
  • David Cooke is heading the online ticketing. Hopefully Tomlinscote, Collingwood and the feeder schools will all send out a link to their pupils.
  • Tickets will be issued immediately. Paypal will be used again.
  • BBQ tickets available online too.
  • Tim Elliot to oversee BBQ again but we need a team to run it
  • SC Johnson has donated £4000 again which will cover the actual fireworks costs.
  • The lighting and sound and fireworks are all booked.
  • Prices: £4 if booked ahead/£6 on the day.
  • HELPERS NEEDED!!!! Helpers on the day get free entry. Families of helpers will have to pay.
  • Jemma Webb wants to arrange shopping to be dropped off out of school hours. To arrange with Mr Morley
  • Alison McDonald is helping to sort the Tuckshop
  • Emma to give list of what’s needed to Jemma and Alison
  • No seating in the hall again- one way system with the Cadets helping to keep the people moving through.
  • Frimley Focus will publish event in October and November issues if received before 20/09/2013.
  • Posters are available for anyone who will display them.
  • Max tickets sales is 4700(Capacity is 5000- but neighbours/SC Johnson/Carwarden School get free tickets)


  • Next meeting is the AGM on 14th October
  • It was generally encouraged that all posts have a "co-shadow person" to prevent knowledge been lost when children leave the school
  • An assistant treasure is needed to work with Jayne Simpson
  • Each event has a lead- Fireworks/Disco/Shopping/PIP
  • Natalie needs a co-lead for the PIP next year as she leaves in 2014

Christmas event

  • Last year we tried a new format where the children organised the Christmas fair stalls.
  • This year it will be a pupil only event in school time, with a minimal PTA input
  • No Grotto this year


  • Alison McDonald will co-ordinate again this year
  • An extra disco this year: 18/10/2013...ICE BREAKER DISCO
  • Letters to follow in October
  • David Cooke to help with online tickets and class lists
  • Discos split into:
    • Upper School Disco for years 5 and 6 ‐ 7.30‐9.00
    • Lower School Disco for years 3 and 4 ‐ 5.30‐7.00
  • Tuckshop available and glowsticks will be sold
  • Helpers needed.
  • Please use latitude at door for forgotten tickets etc. Do not turn people away. It can always be followed up afterwards/later
  • Teachers make up parent/pupil ratios and are responsible for the behaviour of the children.

Class Reps

  • Mr Morley encouraged class reps to step forward ‐ better if there were two people per class.
  • Class reps are used to provide feedback to parents and feed queries to the school.(two way process)
  • Meetings are held once a term with Mr Harris
  • Just an extra form of communication
  • Also organises class socials /Teacher gifts etc.


  • Mr Morley thanked PTA for their help with coffee mornings

Dates for the Diary

  • Next meeting is AGM 14/10/2013



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